Michaela offers classes and private yoga sessions at studios and corporate offices throughout Orange County. She also teaches for corporate company conferences and yoga workshops. Michaela tailors what she teaches to your situation and goals and integrates it with proven neuroscience.

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Aerial Yoga & Teacher Trainings

Aerial Yoga is a practice using a suspended hammock that allows the body to release, realign and rebuild as if you were using a gentle hands on adjustment. Being barely off of the floor it allows gravity to provide decompression of the spine and other parts of the bod while it works deep into the subtle body using pressure points and inversions. Includes kids aerial & gentle aerial.

Meditation & Breath

Meditation is a practice that can help train your mind for quietness and cultivate more peace and joy in your life while allowing you the space to let go of your worries as your intuitive sense grows. Breathworks or Pranayama is a practice of controliing the life force of breath as it flows through your body. Learn about Mudras and Chants specific to you and your practice to deepen meditation and breath.

Michaela is an amazing yoga instructor and also a great hypnotherapist. I highly recommend her.
— Ty, Costa Mesa, CA
The Nidra Yoga class was absolutely perfect. It was incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. You are so kind and generous and I am extremely grateful.
— Val, Costa Mesa, CA

Rebirthing Workshop

@ Spectra Yoga • 4 Hours

1PM • 5PM

Let go of the past and transform into the future. Take the step emotionally, physically and spiritually into the new you. Have you ever dreamed of a second chance? Everyday we get a second chance but sometimes we don't acknowledge it. Then every new year we like to associate it with a second chance but we wonder why our goals don't come o fruition in the year ahead and its because we often have misaligned values and keep the same patterns and beliefs. Simply put you take yourself into the new year. But what if you could shed that old self and allow the new you to be born? By clarifying who you want to be and understanding why, while creating your goals, you can let go of the things that are holding you back from stepping into the future. People are often commenting on how being in the hammock seems like it must be similar to being in the womb and appreciate the feeling of safety and security it provides. And we will get to feel that safey and security as well as nourishment as we let go into it, using the hammock in ceremony to symbolize being physically reborn. When you sign up for the workshop you get to let go of the mindsets that keep you stuck and transform them emotionally, physically and spiritually to meet your specific needs this upcoming year.

Suggested fasting as you prepare for the day.

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Aerial Yoga & Michaela Featured on TV

Spectra Yoga was presented by SoCal Safari for Goat Yoga and Aerial Yoga. Aerial Yoga begins after minute 3. Come in and take a class and experience it for yourself. The benefits of aerial yoga include decompression of the spine, nervous system awareness, and strengthening mental capacity and proprioception. With the hammock you can release, realign and then rebuild your body. No flexibility needed to begin but regular practice can increase flexibilty through gravity and increase pulling strength which in mat yoga is often underdevolped because of the pushing strength that is common in chaturangas/push ups. With practicing Aerial Yoga you will notice your core strengthening and your balance increasing while mat poses become easier.

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Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings

Date TBD

Michaela has co-led two 15 hour Intro to Aerial Teacher Trainings at Spectra Yoga with Karen Clark and Aileen Pham and has developed her own program called Merkaba Yoga that compiles all of her diffferent knowledge into a 30 Hour Level 1, 30 Hour Level 2, 15 Hour Level 3 (experience of previous levels req’d), and 15 Hour Gentle Aerial Course. She led a 60 Hour Aerial Level 1 & 2 Private Program for Monarch Beach Resort for their employees to build the aerial program. In her training you will learn poses in the hammock and how they relate to yoga poses on the mat. You will learn muscles, bone, and neural anatomy structures, subtle body aspects of the poses that include the chakras, vayus and eastern philosophies of accupuncture. You will learn how to properrly organize a class and to be creative in the hammocks with new poses. As well as learning how to adjust students and soothe their nerves when they reach a personally challlenging pose. If you are interested in hosting a teacher training at your yoga studio or being a part of a trainng contact me.