Michaela Drageset, C.Ht, E-RYT 500, YACEP

Photo Credit:  Miss Darcy Photography

Michaela was inspired by yoga at a young age growing up on the Sunny north shore of Maui. At 20 she knew she found home in a yoga class in Orange County, but put the dream aside and began to build a family. She kept a personal home practice through the pregnancies of her four children until around 2011. She began to practice in a family-friendly yoga studio in Corona Del Mar, CA and began a deep yoga transformation, that alongside with personal situations, reinspired her to follow her dreams of teaching yoga. In April 2013, she stepped out onto a ledge, went to Tahoe for two months where she completed a 500 Hour intensive yoga program with Doug Swenson of Sadhana Yoga Chi, an Ashtanga-based yoga style fused with Vinyasa, Yin, Power, Restorative, Tai Chi, and Functional Movement theories along with Pranayama, Meditation and Kriya philosophies.

Michaela’s life continued to change and she was determined to continue her education. She had fallen in love with Aerial Yoga during her teacher training and decided to become a teacher completing Level I & II, through Unnata and TYS, as well as, Level III, and Gentle Aerial through TYS, studying over 100 hours with Pik Chu Wong in Campbell, CA. Aerial yoga gave Michaela a deeper understanding of the subtle bodies, eastern philosophies of acupuncture and as it relates to the nervous system and in relation to the mind.

Her childhood was surrounded by firemen and knowing how damaging their job was to their body and at times their mind become a certified teacher with Yoga for First Responders to help that population. She also became a certified teacher for Treat While You Train, a Yoga Tune-Up format practice using therapy balls for self-massage and is continuing to work through a program with Loyola Marymount University for a certificate in Yoga Philosophy.

In February of 2016, Michaela was led to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis. For her, this was the missing link she had been searching for with yoga to put all of the things she learned together. She began to study with David Snyder and has trained live with him for over 100 hours. And continues to seek his mentorship. She also continued with A 700-hour training through Hypnosis Practitioners Training Institute which at the time was run by Scott Sandland and Richard Clark and included teachers from around the world.

Through all of her trainings, she was able to overcome fears, stress, and negative patterns that had kept her disconnected from her body and mind. Through her work and the connection of her mind and body, she has a new found zest for life, new strengths, and redefined goals. Now she wants to save your time and money and share everything she knows with you because you deserve to live the best life you can have today. Sign up for a session and begin your transformation now.  

Because Michaela’s life often revolves around her children let her introduce you to them below.

The Dragon Farm

Photo Credit:  Miss Darcy Photography


With Michaela's last name (Drageset), which means "Dragon Farm" in Norwegian, she loves to call her family The Dragons. 

Meet Me, Michaela, the mother of this tribe. A former stay-at-home-mom and homeschooler. I’m a passionate mom. I love to cook and bake amazing food and travel. There may be screaming in the car but it’s all in good fun! Follow along as we go on road trips and fun adventures. I introduce them to you because as a single mom of four, they are my ‘why’. They are the major part of my motivation for personal change as well as creating change in the world. We do a lot together, love to be outdoors, camping, hiking and road trips. So, if you know me, you likely know something about my kids.

We all enjoy lots of different crafts, activities, creative outlets, interesting food, nature (especially the ocean), and we would love to share some of our previous and current adventures with you on our blog or instagram.

Beatrix (Trixie), 14

Trixie is on the verge of 9th grade that can’t wait to grow up and get out of the house and get ot school to become a chef. Go figure as the oldest of 5 (they have a little baby brother from their dad). She has grown up so fast and has huge dreams of being a long distance paddle boarder, restaurant owner/chef, as well as, a teacher of art, yoga, and P.E. She can’t wait to travel the world and loves to be outside. She loves to sing and dance and is very crafty. As she wants to be a chef and is the oldest, you can imagine she’s already an amazing cook. She has also dreamed of being a runway model since she was 7.

Photo Credit:  Miss Darcy Photography
Photo Credit:  Miss Darcy Photography


Peaches is a 7th grader who never wants to grow up but is definitely throughly annoyed by her siblings. She’s a budding empath who loves to create through paint, writing songs, and teaching herself new things. She also loves to sing and dance. Since I can remember, the first time she said she wanted to do something she said she wanted to design houses and build them. So I taught her about her Aunt Lauren who is a USC alum and architect. Recently, she said she wants to be a singer too. She loves things to be in order but loves adventure and the outdoors. She surfs, skateboards and anything else she can do outside. We recently co—worked on making jewelry with seashells under the label PuaOKeKai which means the flower of the sea. You can support her endeavors and buy a piece in a store.

ODIN, 11

Odin is a 5th grader that enjoys annoying his sisters with all his might. When he grows up he aspires to be a professional surfer and skateboarder, although I want him to also find baseball when he’s ready and play professionally like his great uncle and great grandad. He plays trumpet in band and there elementary band has been voted Best Middle School Marching Band in the Balboa Parade 2 years in a row. He loves the outdoors and wishes he had more boys around to fish and play ball games instead of being around his sisters. He has a heart of gold and a look of steel.

Photo Credit:  Miss Darcy Photography
Photo Credit:  Miss Darcy Photography


Goldie is a 3rd grader who never wants to grow up. She is as gold as you get and pure fire. As the baby of the tribe she steals everyone’s heart. Goldie does anything she puts her mind to. She loves animals like Elmyra from Tiny Toons and can’t wait to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She climbs walls and almost anything else she’s mostly allowed. She skateboards and loves the beach. Outdoor adventures call her by name.