Voice Work

Through the work Michaela did as a yoga teacher and hypnotherapist peaople were always commenting on how they liked her voice. From that she began to explore other ways to express her voice. Going from 5 years ago struggling with stuttering and social anxiety to lots of public speaking she gained confidence in her voice. She then became trained in recording and producing audio books. Primarily through ACX which works with Amazon as a platfform for audiobooks. Michaela is able to take your book from being read to being listened to in audio format. She is also available for any other voice work opportunitues or personal recordings.

Public Speaking

Michaela has been public speaking for the last 3 years and has spoken at workshops, adult summerr camps and at drug rehabs. She pulls from her life challenges and lessons learned to inspire and elevate those who listen. Drawing from her background in acting, metaphors, and storytelling she leaves the crowd ready to elevate themself and others.


Michaela grew up around professional artists and enjoyed watching their creative process and the freedom that came from the expression. When she paints she paints from spiritual inspiration and with bold color lines. She loves to paint affirmations to inspire beauty as well as landscapes and absracts. If you are interested in ordering any of her current paintings or commission a painting contact her for details.

Energy Work

Michaela’s energy is one of a kind and if you have been in her presence you already know it. She has learned to attune her energy and through different trainings and mentors has learned to utilize it for the benefit of others. She is able to clear auric fields, balance chakras, interpret dreams and clear crystals. Growing up around energy workers Michaela learned that energy works as a part of life and everyone can be a conduit of it, with each person taking on their own individual aspects and interpretations of energy to enteract with those around them.

Tarot Reading

Michaela is a well known tarot reader that has read for large parties wih over 500 people and small intimate gatherings. Her clients gain insight and underrstanding to how their current situations are affected by specific past situations and some of the different ways they may unfold. With a question or just general readings, Michaela is able to be a conduit of divine energy to give you answers. You can book her for a gathering or personal readings.


Jane of All Trades and Master of Many

Michaela has spent her adventurous lifetime enjoying all she can and learning as much as she can along the way. True to her passions and herself she allows herself to create and inpire her hearts desire. To learn more about what fuels her life sign up below.


When you love enough to reach out and give all of you.