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Michaela Drageset

Elevation Through Inspiration


Integrative Life Coaching

Are there transitions in your life that you aren't sure how to adapt to? Do you struggle with confidence or anxiety? Have you had a hard time recovering from past traumas or negative beliefs? Join the community of people that are working with Michaela to learn new ways of creating change within themselves. Watch as you achieve a life that is aligned with who you want to be by using proven scientific methods to overcome stuck patterns today



In the comfort of your own home 

Merkaba Yoga 

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Vinyasa Yoga featuring Studio,  Corporate Classes and Privates

Michaela offers classes and privates at studios and corporate offices throughout Orange County including corporate conferences and teaching yoga workshops. Michaela tailors what she teaches to your situation and goals and often integrates it with proven neuroscience.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a rare practice using a suspended hammock that allows the body to release, realign and rebuild as if you were using a gentle hands on adjustment. Being barely off of the floor it allows gravity to provide decompression of the spine and other parts of the bod while it works deep into the subtle body using pressure points and inversions.

Kids Classes featuring Mat and Aerial Classes

Kids classes are offered at studios and schools of all ages with a flare of fun and laughter using games to incorporate yoga and inspire the kids self awareness to grow.  


β€œIt doesn't matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.”

β€” Bob Proctor


Veronica B.

"Michaela has helped me overcome my fear of the ocean which let me enjoy my family, friends and vacations in a whole new way. I am now able to swim at night and in the most beautiful places with the beautiful animals. A session with her changed my life."

Dalila B.

"Thank you Michaela for an amazing session. I felt like a weight has been lifted from my tired body. I felt rejuvenated and had never felt this way. You have a gift! The confidence I gained while going through a very hard custody battle helped me stay calm and focused which led to an outcome that I am pleased with. I am grateful to have met you."

Lindsey H.

"Michaela helped me through a really hard time during my divorce and was able to inspire me with hope again that life could be amazing, she has supported me through and helped me relieve the anxiety while teaching me invaluable skills to use on my own time."